Nov 6, 2014

Stan Hansen appeared on Japanese TV program

Stan Hansen is one of the most successful foreign wrestler in Japan. He appeared for the first time on the ring of Japan in 1975, by making full use of deadly Western lariat, and took the championship belt from both Baba and Inoki. He was retired because of knee injury in 2000, and  many Japanese fans are considering Hansen was the best wrestler.

The other day, Stan Hansen and his wife appeared on Japanese TV program. It was a shocking contents for wrestling fans. Currently, that Hansen's unemployed. Working nurse of Mrs. and has gained a salary, Hansen is in charge of the housework. Though he had been given a huge salary from Inoki and Baba, he is in for the treatment of knee, ran out of all of the property.

When I saw this program, I was not able to understand what circumstances Hansen was in. He was a superstar of professional wrestling world, and is it a truth that he lose all his money so easily ? Perhaps, in the United States medical costs are very expensive. Athletes of Japan, never talk we heard that with the enormous money for treatment.

Since Baba died, professional wrestling world of Japan also has changed significantly. Successors of Baba, Tsuruta and Misawa are already deceased, too. Star wrestlers in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Bruiser Brody, Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, and Gary Albright are not in this world. Stan Hansen, though he is struggling economically, that showed us a healthy appearance, was only salvation for me.

Jan 10, 2014


Antonio Inoki vs. Strong Kobayashi

Mar 19, 1974 Kuramae Kokugikan (Tokyo)

In those days, Japanese top wrestlers didn't fight with Japanese. For example, Antonio Inoki was a baby face, and he fought against heel foreign wrestlers. That was a very strange but a firm rule in Japan. The last fight of Japanese wrestlers was a famous duel of Rikidozan and Kimura in 1954.

So that when Strong Kobayashi challenged Antonio Inoki, wrestling fans were very surprised and pleased. Mass media named it 'The duel on Ganryu-Jima'. In the 17th century, the greatest sword-master Musashi Miyamoto defeated his rival Kojiro Sasaki on a small island Ganryu-Jima. Many people thought it was like an ancient duel.

Strong Kobayashi had been a body builder, and he belonged to Kokusai (International) Pro-Wrestling. He was a good powerful wrestler, and he fought in Europe and AWA. Kobayashi became an ace of Kokusai, but he quarreled with the managing staff, and at last he withdrew from the company. He challenged Baba and Inoki, and Inoki accepted it. Because Inoki had been saying "I will fight with anyone".

In this match, Kobayashi attacked Inkoki harshly with Backbreaker, but Inoki counterattacked with Reverse Suplex. Iniko used his special move German Suplex Hold, and took a fall from Kobayashi. Some people say this was the best fight of Inoki.

After this match, Strong Kobayashi joined in New Japan and fought as a partner of Sakaguchi. But stars of New Japan were Inoki and Sakaguchi, and Kobayashi was only 'The Third Man'. He retired in 1981 on account of an injury of the waist. You might have been watched his big body, because he turned to a TV personality and appeared in a funny show 'Takeshi Castle'.

Jan 7, 2014


Hi, everyone.

Mach Fumiake was the first star in the history of women's wrestling in Japan. Then, in the next year of Mach's retirement the first and the biggest boom of women's pro-wrestling came true. Beauty Pair, a tag team of young girls suddenly made it.

Beauty Pair is a very memorable name for us, former PURORESU boys. Jacky Sato and Maki Ueda formed a tag team in 1976, and they instantly got a tag championship. They released a record and sang a song on the ring. Their song went up in a hit parade !! Many little girls went crazy for their fights and songs, and some girls truly became wrestlers and created a new boom in the 80's.

Jacky Sato was a very talented girl. Her moves were speedy and sharp like a boy's. Maki Ueda was a pretty and womanly girl. They say Beauty Pair was not good friends with each other. But certainly they are the best tag team. And a heel tag team, Black Pair supported them.

In 1976, Jacky defeated Maki in a single match, and Maki retired. It seems they became good friends afterwards. Jacky was active as a wrestler and a coach for a long time, and she died in 1999. I don't know about Maki's life, but it seems that she is managing a bar.

Sep 5, 2013


Rikidozan created a pro-wrestling boom in the mid-50's, but many people criticized it as a low-grade show. And then, that matter happened. It was the most sensational scandal in the early days of Japanese pro-wrestling. When some old men were watching the TV program of pro-wrestling, they died of shock.

In 1962, Rikidozan wrested WWA Championship from Fred Blassie in Los Angeles, and Blassie challenged Rikidozan in Tokyo. Fred bit the champion, and the close-up of Riki's bloody face was put on the air. Many Japanese people was deeply shocked, and some old men died. Some people say that the opponent was The Great Togo.

Well, It seems that WWA was a doubtful and a questionable organization. May be Rikidozan wanted to challenge Lou Thesz and wished to get NWA Championship, but he helplessly joined hands with WWA, because the pro-wrestling world of Japan was still too young. Rikidozan and his successor Toyonobori got the WWA belt, but they were often troubled with the mystery of Los Angeles.

Fred Blassie was called 'The Vampire' in Japan, but as a matter of fact, he was a gentleman and he liked Japan very much. Afterwards he married with Japanese woman. As a wrestler, he fought against Baba in 1972, and he moved to NEW JAPAN in 1974. And he was known by Japanese fans as a manager of Muhammad Ali, Stan Hansen, and Hulk Hogan.

Sep 4, 2013


I am surprised that many wrestling fans often refer to my site for Don Leo Jonathan. I'm sorry but I have hardly written about Jonathan, because I have a little knowledge of him. Don Leo Jonathan went to Japan for the first time in 1958, and he challenged Rikidozan. Of course, in those days I was not born yet.

In the 60's, Jonathan fought against Giant Baba, but I was still a baby. And he joined in KOKUSAI (International) PRO-WRESTLING in the 70's. He fought with Andre in there, but the TV program of KOKUSAI was not put on the air in my hometown. In short, I didn't know him.

I saw Jonathan for the first time in 1975. Giant Baba invited many famous wrestlers, and he held a big wrestling event 'The World Open League'. Now I have four videos of Jonathan in that league. But I think his fights were not good. May be he was already old veteran, and he could not show hard moves.

Don Leo Jonathan vs. Anton Geesink

The former judo champion Geesink was scouted by Baba, and he joined in ALL JAPAN. But he was very bad at wrestling. I think he could not understand the rules of wrestling. Geesink is a bad guy for us, because he anger the big boss Baba and he introduced a colored jacket in judo world. That was the worst match for me.

Don Leo Jonathan vs. Abdullah The Butcher

The Butcher used Elbow Drop, and he took a fall from Jonathan easily. Jonathan did nothing !!
This was the real worst match.

Don Leo Jonathan vs. The Destroyer

The Destroyer tried Figure Four Leg Lock several times, but Jonathan refused it and did nothing !! This was also the worst match.

Don Leo Jonathan vs. Dory Funk Jr.

Dory was a good friend of Baba, and he did his best for this big event. But Jonathan could not move swiftly. They fell from the ring, and the referee declared a double count-out. That was certainly the worst match. (ha-ha)

These are all the videos of Jonathan I have. After all I saw his bad fights only, and I don't know his best days. His last fight in Japan was in 1978. I was surprised that his name appeared in a program of NEW JAPAN in 1982, but he didn't come to Japan.

Sep 3, 2013


Giant Baba vs. Jack Brisco
ALL JAPAN, NWA World Championship Match
Dec. 2 1974 Kagoshima Kenritsu Taiikukan (Kagoshima)

This is one of the biggest matches in the history of Japanese pro-wrestling. Giant Baba established ALL JAPAN in 1972, and he invited many famous wrestlers from NWA. At that time ALL JAPAN was like a brunch shop of NWA. As his rival Antonio Inoki couldn't join hands with  big organizations in USA, Baba gained an advantages over Inoki in the business war. Now, Baba wished to get the most authoritative belt. He thought there would be a good chance, because Jack Brisco was comparatively good at defensive wrestling. Baba's power should have overwhelmed his opponent.

At the first round, Baba showed wonderful power and took a fall from Brisco with Russian Leg Sweep. But in the next round, Brisco used his special move, Figure Four Leg Lock, and Baba helplessly gave up. And the most important last round started. Baba attacked Brisco harshly with Drop Kick, but Brisco counterattacked Baba's leg and ran to the rope. Baba tried his secret move Running Neck Breaker Drop in an instant. Brisco was hard hit on his back of the head, and referee Joe Higuchi beat the ring three times !!

When Jack Brisco died in 2010, Japanese news media hardly reported it. May be many people forgot him. But for us (PURORESU boys in the 70's) Brisco was a strangely impressive wrestler. He sometimes visited to Japan as a world champion or a former champion, but he always lost in any important matches. He was wrested the NWA belt by Baba (afterwards he got back it). He fought against Jumbo Tsuruta as a challenger of United National Championship in 1976, and he lost to Jumbo. And in 1979, he moved to NEW JAPAN and challenged Antonio Inoki, but the result of it ...

Especially this video of NWA championship is often put on the air even now, and it is giving bad impression of Brisco to young Japanese fans. I think that is very pitiful thing for the former great champion.

Sep 2, 2013



Antonio Inoki, the superstar of PURORESU, won the election in Jul. 2013, and he became a member of the House of councilors again.

Inoki had been elected in 1989, and he said "I want to try Octopus Hold on the Diet." Nobody understood what he said, but that statement drew laughter from Japanese people. Inoki worked for 6 years as a member of the House of councilors. In his term, he was troubled with many scandals.

And now, Inoki went back to the Diet after an interval of 18 years. Can he display his full talent this time ?


Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) held a different opinion from the office, and he withdrew from ALL JAPAN in Jul. 2013.

ALL JAPAN was established by Giant Baba in 1972, but when Baba died and Mrs. Baba got a leadership in 1999, Mitsuharu Misawa (Tiger Mask 2) and many wrestlers withdrew from the organization. Before long ALL JAPAN turned in financial difficulties.

In 2002, Muto took up the president of ALL JAPAN. Wrestling fans were very surprised it, because Muto had been a pupil of Antonio Inoki and a top wrestler of NEW JAPAN. Muto did his best as the president and a wrestler, but he resigned from the president on account of some troubles in 2011.

Muto wished to get back the stocks of ALL JAPAN, but he failed it and left the company.


A unique book of non-fiction is a best seller in Japan. Its title is 'Why didn't Masahiko Kimura kill Rikidozan ?', the author is Toshiya Masuda, published by Sinchousya.

Now, Masahiko Kimura's name is a legend. He was a judo champion in the 40's, and he was called the god of judo. After the World War 2, Kimura became a pro-wrestler and he formed a tag team with Rikidozan. But Kimura had to act a part of a defeated. Because he was dissatisfied it, he challenged Rikidozan in 1954.

Rikidozan defeated Kimura at that match and he established his post of the leader of wrestling world. But they say that was a very mysterious match. Some people says that was a fixed match, but Rikidozan broke his promise and he suddenly lynched Kimura.

The author Masuda is well disposed to Kimura. This is an another history of PURORESU.