Nov 6, 2014

Stan Hansen appeared on Japanese TV program

Stan Hansen is one of the most successful foreign wrestler in Japan. He appeared for the first time on the ring of Japan in 1975, by making full use of deadly Western lariat, and took the championship belt from both Baba and Inoki. He was retired because of knee injury in 2000, and  many Japanese fans are considering Hansen was the best wrestler.

The other day, Stan Hansen and his wife appeared on Japanese TV program. It was a shocking contents for wrestling fans. Currently, that Hansen's unemployed. Working nurse of Mrs. and has gained a salary, Hansen is in charge of the housework. Though he had been given a huge salary from Inoki and Baba, he is in for the treatment of knee, ran out of all of the property.

When I saw this program, I was not able to understand what circumstances Hansen was in. He was a superstar of professional wrestling world, and is it a truth that he lose all his money so easily ? Perhaps, in the United States medical costs are very expensive. Athletes of Japan, never talk we heard that with the enormous money for treatment.

Since Baba died, professional wrestling world of Japan also has changed significantly. Successors of Baba, Tsuruta and Misawa are already deceased, too. Star wrestlers in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Bruiser Brody, Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, and Gary Albright are not in this world. Stan Hansen, though he is struggling economically, that showed us a healthy appearance, was only salvation for me.

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